Thursday, November 5, 2015

First Post

This blog is an attempt to capture my experiences of working with S1000D, primarily from the perspective of a software developer. In my 20+ years in developing software, the past 7 years has mostly been dealing with S1000D and the development of an Interactive Electronic Technical Publication (IETP) viewer supporting publications authored in S1000D. The viewer is called NSIV, which currently stands for NAVAIR Standard IETM Viewer. The use of "IETM" is an older term still used by NAVAIR that stands for Interactive Electronic Technical Manual.

During my time working on the viewer, I have also been involved with the development of the S1000D specifications itself by attending and participating in various working group meetings. My current areas of expertise are the S1000D applicability model and BREX (Business Rules Exchange). I have implemented the applicability model in NSIV and developed a BREX validation tool for NAVAIR.

One thing I have noticed during my observations and participation in the evolution of the S1000D specification is an inadequate representation of individuals with direct, on-hands experience in developing S1000D-aware software tools. Yes, there are folks from companies that have developed S1000D software, but those representatives tend to me more on the data-side and not directly involved in the software side. This deficiency ends up getting reflected in the specification. I will likely expand more on this is later posts.

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  1. Hello I would love to get in contact with you I work NAVAIR S1000D as well